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General Meeting 2/3

“No podemos buscar logros para nosotros y olvidarnos del progreso y la prosperidad de nuestra comunidad… Nuestras ambiciones deben ser lo sificientemente amplia como para incluir las aspiraciones y necesidades de los demas, por su bien y por el nuestro.”

Cesar Chavez

Come to our meeting, we will be discussing another Tarde de Ciencias at Alianza in Watsonville.

Good luck with Midterms everybody!

Todays Agenda

This semester we are back in action!

“Latino/as are a part of a broader network than just there families, even though they might feel like their families are the one and only responsibility. This broad network includes themselves, their future, and their peers. once they have had the opportunity for success in their own lives, then they can take on full responsibility for their family again.”

This is a quote from a Hispanic serving institution summit our adviser Kelli attended a week ago.

Our Tarde de Ciencias was a success!

“La mucha luz es como la mucha sombra: no deja ver”

– Octavio Paz

Hi all we just had our Tarde de ciencias a couple Tuesdays ago. We went to La Familia Center and did three projects with students in elementary  and middle school. We had a spaghetti structure contest where the kids competed to see who kid hold a marshmallow at the greatest height. The older kids built bridges and tested them to see which could hold the most weight. Lastly we created lava lamps that the kids were excited to keep. Here is our gallery for our first event: